The only way to get in touch with me is by e-mail at :


I do not have a separate place in which I work. In my life, living and the creative are one. This means I do not have a real studio. Also, I tend to protect my privacy because I tend to be extremely sensitive to influences and very susceptible to powers of persuasion, and when the eventual visitor's energies were not harmonious with the energies of my home, it might take weeks before I could start working again.
That is why I don't give my personal data like telephone number or street adress to anyone I don't know enough. It also explains why I cannot agree with studio visits.
On a more mundane level, my home looks more like a perpetual construction site as nothing is ever finished and there are things I consider to be more important in my life. I have nothing to show that smells 'success' in society's meaning of the word. To me, the only success I care about it being myself as much as possible and creating exactly what I want to create, no matter how long it takes.

I never answer e-mails asking me to judge someone's artworks, but, if asked for, I gladly give information on my technical procedures to interested artists.


Know that I am always interested in your projects, but I really have to sense my works fit with your space and personal vibration before I can participate in a show. Also know that I NEVER pay to participate in a commercial show and that I am not interested in competitions, whatever the prizes. I hate losing, but I hate winning even more. Life is not a lottery.

I also must ask you to please be a little patient and give me some time to reply as I tend to wait untill I can really put my mind to it to give you a good reply.
Thank you for your understanding.


I don't create my works for a living so my mind is not focused on selling, but in case you want to acquire one of my works and want to know more about availability and price, you can always contact me

In case you're interested in digital prints, please contact me and I will see what I can do.



Let's face it: everything that is uploaded to the Internet can be downloaded, copied, mutilated, changed, re-used, adapted, raped, claimed, misused and abused. If you don't want to run those risks, it's probably better not to upload anything at all.

Yet: copyright means that someone has the right to copy: the owner of the copy-right. Right?
Only their author, in this case: me, Erik Heyninck, is the owner of each copy that is made of these texts and artworks I created. No-one else.
So no one but me may claim, use, alter, modify or distribute (be it for sale, for free or for trade) these works.
When someone else does any of these, it is copyright infringement and is as such against international copyright laws.

This is the official version.

Me, I'm not exactly a law person - a good dose of chaos and anarchy are necessary for creativity to find a fertile soil - but please do realise that I work long hours to create these works.
So I kindly ask you to respect my personal set of rules.


1/ You may download these texts and images for your own private pleasure and study. But why would you? They are here at Castalian Visions, and the site will not go offline as it has been paid for for years and years to come. Here you can enjoy them in their context. And should an image be replaced, it'll be by one I consider to be better.

2/ If you are so enthusiastic about what I create that you want to share it, please tell me. What you may not do is claim you created the works you wish to share. Which is logical as you yourself know it isn't true. And believe me: it can be the wind or the night that spreads the word, but sooner or later everyone will know, especially those people you'd prefer not to, and you will lose all credibility and self-respect.

3/ On the other hand it is strictly forbidden to use my works for - or link my works to - political, religious or philosophical purposes. Some humane causes can be an exception (the Bhopal action group asked to place Erinyes on their site and I felt honoured as it is a pleasure to be part of that energy.) but you need my written consent before you may use them, whomever you are.

4/ You may not alter in any way the images you downloaded and redistribute on the internet. This includes but is not limited to enlarging them, cropping details, change colour, hue or saturation. and add texts to them.
You may not alter in any way the texts you downloaded and redistribute on the internet. This includes but is not limited to changing words, removing words of alineas or whatever can be done that may change the original meaning. In case you do re-upload an image or text to the internet, you must add a link to the original here on my site. In case you are an artist and want to start from something I created: I am open to co-operation but please ask first.

5/ If you are really that low on money for bodily survival and you suppose printing cards of my works and selling them will save your life, I can't stop you. But please send me a copy of what you printed the moment you can afford it.

6/ Most important of all: Whatever you do, be conscious of your human dignity and follow your heart.