This thirteenth incarnation of Castalian Visions is being invented, designed, created and hand-coded by Erik Heyninck, except for the javascript items which were found on the Internet on a free-to-use basis. All images were scanned or photographed by Erik Heyninck except when specifically mentioned. In that case all copyrights belong to their creators.

The reproductions of the works have all been optimised for viewing on computer. The radiant light of a computer screen plays an important role and is not capable of rendering the matte effect of watercolour on paper. Any attempt to be faithful to the original gives bleak and visually unpleasing results. Which is why I have chosen to optimise them for Internet viewing. If your monitor is uncalibrated, and most monitors are, this may probably not play any significant role.

Because my knowledge of coding is limited, and I don't have the time to learn to code beyond what I can code right now, this site will not be adaptable in size and smartphone visitors will have to live with this sad fact.



I wish to thank everyone who inspired me with their words, deeds or works, especially all artists who delighted me with their creations.

Special thanks goes to all people who helped me with my biologickal survival on this sub-lunar plane.

And a super special thank you goes to the people from my inner circle (you know who you are) and to my friends and soulmates in Bro Ar Re Yaouank, Shamballah and the Makaroon Nesoi.

And last but not least: my heartfelt thanks to you, dear visitor! It is for you I create and maintain this site. May you be blessed with joy and never ending awesomeness!