I am a deep-sea fish. I don't feel home in shallow water.

On a day dedicated to Aphrodite, when Alniyat rose out of the waters from beyond the horizon, and Spica had joined Poseidon in his liquid palace, an extraterrestrial densified out of the heart of a crystal and came into perceptible existence in this world as a human phoenix. Being male, his parents called him Erik. And although he doubted whether this was really the planet he was meant to be born on, he accepted this name, and the persona that came with it.

His father Omar was an Oriental Prince who fell in love with the sea and the unattainable clouds, his mother an angel who loved birds. His father bestowed upon him the love for techne and mathematics, from his mother he received the gifts of memory, poetry and music. His grandfather Achilles, who was his first mentor, told him tales of Greek Mythology instead of the usual fairytales, and he also introduced his grandson to the world of the Dragons.

Being interested most of all in the beyond and the in-between, ErikH soon realised no school could teach him what he wanted to know and he took off on a quest for the secrets of Life. He wandered through the pathless lands of alchemy, poetry and music, but it wasn't untill he found the secret spring of Kastalia, well hidden at the intersection of many worlds, that he learned how he could accomplish his fate. He has been a spiritual nomad ever since.

Wanting to share his discoveries, he soon grasped that words could never be more than chains of lead around the fiery flight of his visions, so he started painting and drawing.
Which he still does.

On this sub-lunar plane, ErikH lives and creates his works in his native Antwerp.

All the rest is pure gossip.



An artist with an alphabet of his own. Or rather, his own musical notation - capable of chaos and beauty on the same page.
I'm addicted to these archetypal female characters in Erik's drawings. For me, they are just the spot-on measure of otherworldliness, corporeality and a personal touch. Lovers of Sophia know what I mean.
As an adept of Cognitive Art sorcery, I revere Erik as an immensely advanced practitioner. The one fit to look into the abyss of reason and to climb the mountains of truth. A rare wild bird in a forest of cages.
On our spin of the Kali-Yuga spiral one has to run very fast just to remain himself. Year after year.