The world of the Gods is a bizarre one. On the one hand, they seem to be having all too human goals and desires, on the other hand they lack the human possibility to evolve. Born perfect - from a human point of view - they will eventually perish in that same state.
Allow me to tell you a story from Greek Mythology:

For as far as love matters are concerned, Phoibos Apolloon, the God of solar light and energy, was not always very succesful . One day, he fell in love with Kastalia, a beautiful nymph who lived not far from what was later known as Delphi. Because she knew the fate of women loved by the Gods all too well, she refused his wooing. When He insisted and she saw no other way to escape her fate, she threw herself into a spring.
To Apolloon this meant yet another unrequited love. ( on a sidenote: being also the Father of the Mousai - Muses - and the God of music, could this perhaps be the reason so much music is about longing, desire and love? ) But wanting to show his affection for her, he proclaimed that the spring be named after her and he bestowed upon it the gift of prophecy: everyone who would come in touch with its waters would be inspired by the realms where time is no longer linear and cannot be measured. The Mousai - Muses - are also known as the Kastalides. It is said that the Pythia, the famous oracle of Delphi, bathed in the Kastalian Spring before she started to prophesise.


Just like Life, I see Inspiration as something that lies beyond all possible understanding, beyond all possible belief, something that, in other words, can not be proven but that we can only wonder about, without ever coming to a final conclusion. Something that needs to be experienced. And it is easy to see why I chose for Castalian Visions, Castalia, or Kastalia as it should in fact be written, being, for me, the source of all Inspiration.

For those of you who remember the sixties and start wondering: there is absolutely no link whatsoever with Timothy Leary's Castalian Foundation. Although I like his "Turn on, tune in, drop out" , I have no special interest in mind-altering chemicals or entheogenics. What we can achieve with, we can also achieve without if we passionately put our minds to it.