Welcome to CASTALIAN VISIONS, the online Museum of Erik Heyninck

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At the moment, Castalian Visions is getting a big overhaul which will result in its tenth incarnation.
I started with the traditional media works, which are the main part of the site, and I make my way from the most recent work into the past and up to the first work I ever created. Of course, I may also make some illogical jumps because following a plan has never been one of my strong points: I love improvisation far too much.
I don't like the pop-up images - never did - so I decided to remove them and give everything its own page. Therefore, navigation is being expanded to a third level to cope with the expanding complexity of pages and images.I am also removing the copyright lines from the images. First of all, it is quite obvious the works have been created by me, and second, they only hinder the aesthetic viewing pleasure. Read my unorthodox copyright page under the General Info tab if you like to know more. And many more plans are brewing...
Hope to see you here again soon!

sincerely, and as unpredictable as ever,


Introduction: Art from the Labyrinths of Mind

" The centre that I cannot find
Is known to my unconscious Mind;
I have no reason to despair
Because I am already there. "

- WH Auden | The Labyrinth -

The artworks on this site do not attempt to entertain: they present challenges to you, the audience, just like they presented challenges to me, their creator, whilst being created. Some may appear to be close to the world as we observe it with our five senses, some may well look like dreams, some find their origin in mythologies and some go even beyond that collective layer and balance between figurative and abstract.

Even if I would desire to do so, I could never introduce these works to you. To be able to do that, I would need words, and because words can, and have to be understood, they are always interpretations based upon education, opinion, convictions and preferences. The reciprocity between you and the artworks asks for an open, alert and inquiring mind on your side. The same state of mind I needed to create them.

All I can do is try to seduce you to enter these works yourselves. Alone. With no guide, no Ariadne's thread, no security. Discovering the Labyrinths of Mind.
The way they are presented here is partly mine, the way you interpret them is partly yours. We all have them in common, each of us with our own interpretation and our own story we tell ourselves. In fact: we are the story we tell ourselves about who we believe we are.
In fact: you don't even have to enter the Labyrinths of Mind because you have never been outside of them. You exist in them, and just like fish need water to exist in, you cannot exist outside of them. We all live in them and we die in them. We take their shimmering, awe-inspiring and/or frightening illusions for reality, meaning: the reality 'out there'. So why should I try to seduce you to enter them if you are already inside? Because it is necessary to realise you're inside to get out of them. To leave the illusion and stop taking appearances for granted. So: how an we get out?

The only way out of these Labyrinths is by fully grasping ... there is no way out. This is indeed a paradox that needs to be lived. Two opposing ideas that have to exist simultaneously in one person's mind. But only when we become aware we are indeed inside of the Labyrinths of Mind, we can learn to know them better. Everything is endlessly unfolding in ever more mysterious, fascinating and bifurcating ways. Nothing is what it appears to be. Even that which frightens us is part of ourselves. For those who stop taking things for granted, life is only an unanswerable question of graceful, enthusiastic balancing in inspired and interested awareness. Untill, finally, we discover we are not our minds.

My approach is an artistic one. Yours may also be artistic, or come from a completely different category. But perhaps the reproductions of my works on this site may incite you to become aware of the illusions and delusions of the Labyrinths of Mind. If so, my goal has been reached.

I do hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I enjoyed creating these works and this site.