" Go and fetch the captain's log and tear the pages out
We're on our way to nowhere now, can't bring the helm about
None of us are left in any doubt : we won't be back again!"
- Al Stewart, Lord Grenville -

For a long time I have wanted a blog. To be honest: I've had several ones, hosted on several servers. Quickly begun, and quickly abandoned. Because I wanted it here. On Castalian Visions. Here, on my virtual dwelling place. At a certain moment I mused upon switching this entire site to WordPress. But somehow, something felt wrong. So I moved to the idea of a hand-coded part and a WP one because of interactivity and ease to add content. But that also felt wrong, so, after weeks of scleranthic 'should I or should I not?' I finally decided against it. The Wordpress code is far too complicated for what I want and need! One look at the length and complexity of the code and I realized that is was like a huge cruise-ship with supermarkets, dance-halls, cinema's, restaurants, swimming-pools and even a hospital on board, whilst what I really wanted was the quietness, ease of navigating and the comparative slowness of a schooner.
So the Captain's Log is not a real blog. There is no interactivity. No "like" button. No feed, no cloud. No nothing.

So: what is this Captain's Log?

erik studio

It is absolutely *not* about 'me'. I do not consider myself to be a person, a temporary and definable manifestation of life on Earth: I interpret myself as a process, a possibility, a wave upon the ocean. Playing its role on the big surface, but at the same time nothing more than a part of the immeasurable, incomprehensible whole.
Before I drift off into new-age territories, I'd like to add that I have always loved stories about pirates and discoverers. Outsiders who left society and created their own life. They sailed away into the unknown, not shure where they were heading to and even less certain whether they would ever be coming back.
As a kid I adored the story of the discovery of the tomb of Tut Anch Amun. In my early teens I imagined being Captain Nemo, playing organ in the Nautilus whilst discovering the deep oceans through huge windows. I wanted to become a discoverer.

The Captain's Log here at Castalian Visions is a digital version of the kind of book in which these explorers wrote what happened on their quests into the undiscovered territories on our planet. The white spaces on the world-map. Their adventures and their anxieties. Their fights against man-eaters and the great civilisations they met. Their acquired knowledge on how to navigate and their hopes (and sometimes worries) when waiting for the right wind to be able to carry on. Their journeys through marshes and jungles, over mountains and through caves. Their inventiveness and their awareness. The treasures they found, the wisdom they acquired. Their focused tenacity and their deep-rooted sense of purpose. The gut-certainty they had about really living their lives.

But there are no white regions on the Earth map anymore. Satellites spy like artificial sense-organs and discover everything. Apart from that, my biology is not strong enough to endure the rough life of a discoverer. So my quest has to do with consciousness. I like to see myself as a discoverer in the world of consciousness. My life is my schooner. And this is my Captain's Log.

Here you can find things that occupy my mind.

After all, if I don't occupy my mind: who will?