PHOTOGRAPHY (under reconstruction)

As I will participate in an exhibition in La Massonne next October, I decided to work through the photographs I took in the Natural Reserve. I ended up with 152 images that I spread over four galleries.
La Massonne is a Natural Reserve somewhere in Aquitaine, between the cities of Rochefort and Royan. At first sight, there isn't much to see as it is not what people call 'spectacular'. But when one pays more attention and the focused presence is intensified, an entire new world opens. Thanks to Jean Michel and Roselyne for their hospitality.
Please know that, except when an exhibition is held, La Massonne is private and entry is not permitted so as not to disturb the peace and quietness of the animals who live there.

The other galleries are now closed for the time being and I intend to redo all the photographs that were shown in them because I can make them better.
Later on, the lay-out will probably also be changed.

la massonne gallery 2
la massonne gallery 4