De Natura Luminis

Although I had dabbled a lot in the world of digital art, one way or another I never got really into it. Perhaps because, compared to my works in traditional media, my digital creations were always finished the day I started them, and I missed the intensity and satisfaction of the long hours of work? Or perhaps I got so hypnotised by the new options the digital world offered that I got lost in it? I just couldn't make up my mind . So I decided to try and create a traditional looking artwork in a digital way, with a pencil brush inPhotoshop and a digital tablet. It was the best way for me to see how far I could go. So, with a 1 pixel brush I decided to fill a 3000x5000 pixel surface.

I underestimated the size the work involved - in monitor speak it is comparable with a 75 x 125 cm pencil drawing - but finally managed to finish it. And I must admit I really like the result. It is clear to me that with digital media I can achieve results no pencil can ever offer me. But I love pencils...