entretemps entretemps

The two images above, the beginning of the new work and a detail to make things even more clear, show how I work. As you can observe, I do not draw clear contour lines but prefer with more imprecise tiny hatches (both images are larger than life-size) . This method is the opposite of what might be called 'the engraver's technique' . I chose for it because of two intertwined reasons, the first being that nowhere in Nature we can observe clear outlines or contours, and the second one is that when we learn to draw, we learn to draw those non-existent lines. Practically speaking, this is part of our approach of the visible: we separate and isolate things out of their contexts so as to be able to investigate and observe them, forgetting nothing exists isolated from its context. We need this simplificiation because it is all our poor brains can work with. We reduce Nature to the comprehensible and then we proudly prolaim we know how something functions. But there is no proof - not that one is needed - that the study of the isolated covers the full set of properties of the same object wen it functions in its environment, nor that the found properties are identical with those in its natural condition.

On a technical level, these hatches suggestions of lines allow me to sharpen my contour lines as I wish and find necessary. It is a lot easier to sharpen lines than to make them appear softer because the latter always forces the draughtsman to go to black or near black to hide the line.