CIVILISATION - work in progress



The title of this work is, as usual, not final. To me, titles are like names: they are given but they do not cover the content they pretend to label. The Roman saying Nomen est Omen - the name is a sign - may be valid, but I have always given myself many other names than the one I was given at birth. Private names, many of which I will never share as they come from other civilisations.
This work is a bit linked to my Sunken Cities series in that it is also an underwater scene, but this one is inspired by the discovery of the city of Thonis-Herakleion near the Egyptian coast. It goes without saying that I did not try to illustrate this great discovery but let my mind wander into the realm of dreams, trying to experience how it must feel to make such a discovery.

Apart from that, the work has been put aside because I had to go to France for an exhibition of Environmental Art at La Massonne. Then came Between Time I and Between Time II, and now, finally, I have the time to continue adding watercolour. What's more: the break showed me that I'd better add some more pen before I start working on the foreground.

Like they say: a work of Art is never finished. It is either abandoned or it is in an ever evolving state of becoming.