chalk, watercolour and acrylic highlights on paper
2007 - 285 x 460 mm

An old-style drawing. I remember that at the time I was looking for a way to draw faster than with the fine technical pens I normally use. And pencil being too grey and delicate, I decided to try black chalk. It was fun to do and indeed much quicker, and in fact I may well use this technique again in the future.

The title you ask?
Phlogiston refers to the combustible elements in matter - originally it was called Terra Pinguis, the fatty, oily, fertile component of all matter, by the alchemist Johann Joachim Becher (1635 - October 1682). Becher was, as most scientists in those days, an alchemist and a scientist at the same time.
Ectoplasm can either be interpreted as part of the living cell's content (the gelatine-like mass inside the membrane) or as the gelatinous substance a medium emanates when in trance. It's funny to read that one of the big scientific proofs against this occult phenomenon consists in the fact that they have been able to create photographs that look like the photographs taken from the medium-with-ectoplasm. This is about as valid as saying man has not been on the moon because it's possible to fake it in a movie studio.

" I am right! "
" No, I! "
" No, I! "
" No, I! "

Da Capo.