egg tempera and resinous oil (amber) on panel
2003 - 90 x 120 mm

As often (read: usual) I chose this title afterwards. I just painted this fierce woman and then started thinking who she might be. Klytaemnestra (or Clytemnestra) as she appears in Marion Zimmer Bradley's book The Firebrand was an obvious choice.I love the moment when Kassandra (my heroine) meets Queen Klytaemnestra, wife of Agamemnon, but also mother of Iphigeneia who was sacrificed by her father so he could start the war on Troy...

This brings me to three of my all-time favourite movies, all by Mihalis Kakogiannis /Michael Cacoyannis : Elektra (1962), The Trojan Women (1971) and Iphigenia (1977) . All three star Irene Papas who is not only a great actress and a great singer, but also one of the most beautiful women I ever saw, and this at any age.