egg tempera and resinous oil (amber) on panel
2003 - 128 x 90 mm

The power of the voice to make magic happen. From singing to Hong Sau and beyond...

As a child, my mother softly sang old Flemish songs to me to calm me down when I was too excited to sleep. Even as a young boy I loved to listen to many of the songs my parents had on disc: my favourite Cora Vaucaire, Edith Piaf,... and also the occasional Clair de Lune by Debussy and the Barcarolle from Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann.
I remember when still at school - I must have been fourteen or fifteen - I discovered that softly singing a deep 'mmmm' caused a vibration that made me indifferent to what teachers (and parents) were saying. I practiced it a lot, and other things started happening. Some inspiring, and some quite frightening that left me balancing on the border of psychosis. Perhaps I never got out and is all this but a dream within a dream... who knows?

There is also a link with the French expression 'Enchanté' which means something like 'pleased to meet you' but literally means 'bewitched' . Witches could/can lure people with their voice, just like the sirens pf old.

This one got its final layer in June 2013.