egg tempera and resinous oil (amber) on panel
2002 - 700x 540 mm<


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A fully orchestrated version of my Sphynx from 1998

This painting has a very special story: I had started it years before and because it didn't work out like I wanted it to, I put it on the balcony and I completely forgot about its existence. A few years later, I wanted to start another larger painting, but as it often happens before I start something new, I started by cleaning up. This time it would be the balcony.
And there it was. I had forgotten to take it inside... I mumbled, reproaching my lack of paying attention and took it inside. It was covered with sand (from the rains that often contain Sahara sand) and had undergone freezing Winters, the Fall and Spring rains and a couple of hot Summer. Without much hope I decided to wash it under the shower, expecting a lot of damage and hopefully a possibility of restoring but fearing I would have to start all over again, which I decided I wouldn't do.
It came out undamaged. Un-da-ma-ged! And ready to take the final layer. Luckily I work with amber and not with that o! so fragile dammar! I don't think a better proof of how sound the amber technique is can be given!

Like many works that are sold and have found new homes, I miss it. If I had been born rich, I probably would not have sold one single piece. But it found a good home, and that comforts me a little. But I do would love to see it again one day. Like all other works that were sold.

The images are not very good because at the time I didn't have the equipment I have now.