pen and watercolour on paper
1998 - 320 x 230 mm

Rospico comment part III:

Long after she was gone I was still unable to think clearly. Should I have spoken to her? No, better not. It would only have ended the outworldish, nearly divine atmosphere.
In the early afternoon, more people came, but I hardly noticed them. Just like I hardly noticed some villa's built in the green on the slopes at the side of Rospico. It was low tide now and it was possible to follow the beach to further lying coves and rocks. When the tide began to rise again, the sun was slowly setting. People left, and once again I was alone. In France, they have a very beautiful expression for this time of day: "entre chien et loup", which translates as "between dog and wolf" . It isn't clear anymore what we really see and what we imagine, and some shapes of trees or rocks can appear as faces even as threatening monsters.

When finally I decided to leave, the cove had become a kind of lagoon with a small island at the middle where I was sitting. And to get out, I had to wade with the bike through waist-deep water.