pen and watercolour on paper
1998 - 170 x 338 mm

Rospico comment part II:

I was sitting down on a rock with my feet in the warm, wet sand and enjoyed the ocean and the various shapes of the rocks in which is was easy to see dragons and bizarre faces and heads. I decided to make some sketches. Whilst watching the play of the waves, the music of Claude Debussy's symphonic poem La Mer sounded in my mind.
Then, suddenly, I saw something in the waves. Someone was swimming and seemed to come to the shore. It turned out to be a pretty girl who had taken a morning swim. She was naked and probably hadn't expected someone there that early. She looked at me with a hesitating kind of smile and went to where her things were lying, which was somewhere on the other side of the cove. I stared at her. Couldn't move. I never felt this rapture before: it was really a nymph coming out of the water, be it Morgane, an Apsara or a Siren. So intensely beautiful, so inspiring... It was very sensual, yet not in the least erotic or exciting. Simply the natural way of being. Just like it always should be.