black and white chalk on greyish watercoloured paper
1997 - 205 x 255 mm

A drawing I created whilst working on the painting of Persephone. I was nervous because I felt unable to ever render the face of such a great Goddess.

An astrologer I met one day explained that that big Underworld theme of my life came from Pluto and the Moon in my Eighth House. Perhaps. I am not against astrology, far from, but I try not to fall for the gild of oversimplification. I just love Persephone and the world of Hades, just as I love the story of Eurydice and Orpheus. But I also love sunny days...I read one day that in the old days esotheric tradition compared the human being with a rough diamond that must be cut so as to bring forth what is hidden inside. This immediately made me think that when you have many facets, you reflect a multitude of lightbeams coming from all sides.