egg-tempera and resinous oil on panel
1989 - 400 x 300 mm

Based on the etching with the same name I created in 1987.

At the time this was created , after years and years of experimenting, I felt confident enough to create a new oil painting. This time with the unsurpassable amber by Blockx. I am *not* saying this is *the* Flemish technique - I can only laugh with those who do - not even that it is *a* Flemish technique: all I do want to say is that the entire quest for translucency was initiated by the shock I got when I entered the room with Jan Van Eyck's Madonna with Canon Vanderpaele in the Bruges' Groeninghe Museum. Of course there's no relationship with Van Eyck's superb craftmanship. But without him my modest attempts at painting would never ever have been possible.
The image is, unfortunately, made from a rather badly photoshopped digital file that was scanned from the only and now lost bad, small photograph I had of the work. Perhaps one day I'll be able to show something better.