pen on paper
1985 - 250 x 320 mm

Nada caused too much strain for me, and I fell into a black hole of exhaustion. My nerves were wrecked and burn-out was the official conclusion. It had simply asked too much of myself and should stay away from the Nada HQ for at least six months. Just then I got a proposition to create a set of drawings for the 1986 calendar of Lloyds Antwerp. The drawings would stay mine, but their calendars they argued would make a lot of publicity for me. I agreed.
The theme I chose was the Odyssea. And despite the fact that I lived in a kind of haze of constantly ruminating fragments of thoughts and a frightening kind of inner emptiness, drawing went as well as always, even with the deadline of having to produce thirteen works in six months time. This proves to me that Inspiration is clearly something transpersonal.
When the calendars were distributed, they were seen as odd and many of the Lloyds clients refused to hang them. Too much nudity, and an incomprehensible and dark interpretation of the Odyssea was the verdict. The printer called it Dante's Hell... So publicity-wise it was not exactly a big success. Yet nowadays people sometimes tell me smiling they still have their copies.
And the good news was that the kind of military discipline and very regular life counterbalanced the exhaustion so that when the series was finished and ready for print, I already felt much better. When I got back to Nada HQ, the dream-become-nightmare had already imploded...