etching on copper, printed with chine collé
1984 - 169 x 229 mm

By the time this one was finished, René told me it was time to print my plates. Which I did. With and without chine collé. Then he went to a drawer and handed me the prints I had created before my apprenticeship. The differences were stunning.
It was also about time for me to go back home: another engraver, Jean-Louis Bougie, was there to work with him, not as a printer-etcher, but as an etcher only. Jean-Louis was French Canadian, and René understood him even less than me, he jokingly said. I might have been able to stay as a professiopnal printer, but that was not my thing.
We had a nice little celebration, and that was it. I went back to have further editions printed in his studio, but at least now I knew beforehand what the results would look like when printed. I presented my works to a few Parisian galleries, but most weren't interested. Due to known etchers cheating on edition-numbers, the selling of engravings was already in a freefall and the choice of artists was also very large. I did find one gallery that I liked, and the owner was very interested, so we started working together. But not even a year later they had to stop because they hadn't sold anything for months. An era came to a close, and I witnessed its beautiful sunset.