pen on paper
1984 - 160 x 105 mm

Back in Antwerp, the first thing I noticed was that the cleaning-team in the Academy had emptied my drawer and had thrown away all my zinc plates. Getting angry at them didn't help, and complaining even less. I didn't care much as I had my newly acquired knowledge and would only work on copper.
And I went on drawing, which was, finally, what I liked most. What I did miss though, was the atmosphere of the studio and the various people who came in for a chat. We discussed whether or not adding vanille to Lapsang Souchong tea, the different recordings of Bach's Goldberg Variationen, galleries, les nana' name it. Antwerp seemed to be so felt like being back in my box.
Autumn was arriving, and Cora Vaucaire's interpretation of the sad, jazzy song Les Feuilles Mortes was haunting me. Hence the title of this small work, a work that clearly shows how etching and drawing were cross-fertilising one-another.