aquatinta etching
1982 - 300 x 242 mm

For Erik Satie.
Some people have asked me why I left this more Surrealist approach of things because in their opinion there's more creativity in it than in the laborious creations of more recent times. Although I really like this work and the others that surround it, I personally find that letting hazard, or for those who prefer: co-incidence, play a major role and me sitting back passively and watching what appears, rather boring. I prefer to be an active part of the creative process, to laserbeam my awareness and create whilst interpreting and interpret whilst creating, to separating creation from interpretation like the Surrealists usually did. To bring it to a Mythological scale: I feel more linked to the active Shiva principle who destroys to create than to the Biblical Jahweh who created and then passively sat back to watch what he had created.
I'm pretty shure the latter had a tremendous influence on Descartes and his followers. More on this elsewhere.