pen on paper
1980 - 210 x 297 mm

I enrolled for a course in drawing at the Antwerp Academy and apart from lots of critique on my chosen path I learned as good as nothing. Charles De Cock taught literature and philosophy. I was impressed when he chose Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motor Maintainance as book to read, a chapter a week. Together with a few fellow budding artists, Charles and his wife Catherine, we formed a group we called Nada, and I entered a new phase in my life
I won't enter in too many details, but it's best to make it clear that from the very start there were arguments. For example: Charles interpreted Nada as the Spanish word for nothing, whilst I interpreted it as the Sanskrite word meaning Inner Sound. We started editing poetry and a few books, all very primitive and printed on a small table-size offset press, but eventually things went seriously wrong and we broke up. It was much later that I discovered Charles had done his thesis on Anais Nin and that he was re-enacting the pahse of her life in New York with her printing press.
As a philosopher he talked and arguemented about the Situationnistes, the Structuralists and Derrida. And he wrote very interesting double-texts.