pencil on paper
1979 - 300 x 400 mm

I started this one from a photograph of myself whilst still musician. It is really a farewell, a letting go of what was before, of what had been an important chapter in my life and evolution but one that was then, not now (then) . It is full of symbols, like me being only a shadow of whom I was, the broken letter D from Denise, my -then - big love and Sphynx, the path that ends in the mists of the unknown ... At that time I was still not certain whether I should return to music or continue drawing. I decided for the latter because I could carry on without running the risk of experiencing once again that jealousy would ruin my dreams.

The image is also taken from a smaller and bad quality photograph. I hope to replace it with a better one one day, yet I don't think I'll ever see the original again.