oils on canvas
1978 - 550 x 460 mm

The first painting with Blockx' oils and the last on Grumbacher canvas stretched on board.
I had been reading Dali's 50 Magical Secrets and considered it a good antidote for the boring Dutch translation of Doerner's classic. As Dali talked so enthusiastically about amber, I wrote to Blockx , and in their reply they said that at the time they didn't sell it anymore as there wasn't enough demand, and also because it was extremely expensive. So I asked my friend Eliott, an old, deaf man who had a shop near the Academy here in Antwerp. I wrote the question down and with his loud and squeeking voice he replied that he knew about its existence and its qualities, and that its downside was its very slow drying. But that once dry its colours were livelier and kept better than anything he had ever seen with another resin. Then he stopped, looked at me from behind his thick glasses, smiled wrily and added:"But I guess you'd better learn to paint first Erik before you mingle with those difficulties." So I bought a bottle of copal medium and my first tubes of Blockx oils. Which were a real shock compared to the Talens' ones I had used before, as they contained pure pigment and no filling agents.