6th of March 2019 : WELCOME

Welcome to the eleventh incarnation of Castalian Visions. This latest version has been online now for several weeks to test it out and I must say I personally like it a lot. Although many of the images have been renewed, the biggest change is undoubtably the lay-out.
The change is abrupt: instead of trying to make the lay-out itself a work of art, I chose for a totally new approach and wanted it to have the simplicity of a book. The main advantage is that I get a better balance, a better 'readability' if you prefer. My works themselves are quite intense and complicated and they balance better with this minimalistic greyish background than with the sensory overload of a webpage that resembles them in intricate complexity. I personally feel much better now when I visit my own site, and I hope the same goes for you.

As I wrote, the images of the Traditional Media works are all being reviewed and adapted where needed. They are now much closer to the originals. Of course there will always be a huge difference to a work created with a .10mm pen and watercolour on paper and that which is visible on a computer monitor. Also, I took the liberty of optimising the images for being viewed on screen, making them, when needed, more contrasty.
The older works, and more specifially the works I do not have here with me anymore, the ones that have entered collections, are often more difficult to reproduce in good quality, not because I have to guess the colours but because that which I have at my disposal are either slides or jpg's taken with an early digital camera, and both with bad lighting. Still, I used all my Photoshop skills to make them as acceptable as possible, knowing and accepting the Internet quality will always be limited.

But I also need time to create new drawings, so I cannot promise any data. This said: I never liked hurrying. I always believed that if I don't work against time, time will work for me. So I take my time to do whatever I do. Quickly and easily are not magical words for me. Quality takes time. It takes exactly as much time as it needs.

Although the works on this site, and I am more specifically referring to the works in traditional media, form the largest collection of what I created, the list is incomplete. There are some works that I consciously do not add. Some because they have entered private collections, and I feel the relationship of the owner(s) with the work is too personal, and, yes, some others that I still have here with me but that I consider to be not good enough for public viewing.

In case you would be interested in knowing when the site is updated, you can always send me an e-mail

Stay joyous, everyone!