I have always wanted to be independent and free to wander and wonder wherever I chose. As an artist, this is a fundamental necessity. As a human being, it can sometimes be a burden, just like the sight of people having fun on the shore can be a burden to someone swimming away from it.

Creating is not compulsive to me. I create my works because it is my natural way of being - just like it is the blackbird's nature to sing - and also because it makes me feel good and connected. It may well be my deepest dream to be like the nameless sculptors who created the Buddhist and Hindu temples as I have always had a basic need to be part of something that is much larger than me; something that I deeply admire and that guides me with Inspiration.
I have always tried to keep my imagination free from the survival level and the urge to 'make a living' , to become a professional and have to accept and even participate in the wicked games of marketing as a code to live by, including being important, being known and being forced to attend social gatherings. Survival of the fittest? Meh! I never fitted, and never will. Inspiration and Imagination are more worth to me than that.
Being human, I am not free from vanity, but I do not create anything to impress others. I have no-one to convince nor please, nothing to prove nor express, no big theories to share. I am not a teacher as I have nothing to teach. We all have to find things out by living, experimenting and interpreting. All I can do, and love to do, is share some insights on Life and Creativity, which are of course limited to my point of view. I am neither a follower nor a leader, a guide nor a guided. I have no path to follow, no certainty to give me peace of mind, no faith and no absolute conviction. Which is why I refuse to be part of whatever artistic movement, including the so-called "Fantastic Art" or "Visionary Art". In fact: I don't even consider myself to be an artist. I practice artistic creation, that's all. I find being human a task that is so daunting that I do not need any extra labels.
It is my personal experience that everything in the Universe is infinite and that only by being convinced there is more mystery to explore we may come closer and closer to the essence, which is everything, whatever that may be.
I may be a kind of explorer though, thriving on enthusiasm and intuition.

I have no special talent to explain my works in a better or deeper way than anybody else can. All possible interpretation is limited to the story about life any observer, and this includes myself, tells themselves. In fact: these works defy any explanation and they often baffle me. They go beyond me, beyond emotion, beyond thinking, beyond instict, beyond deep fears and beyond high hopes, beyond understanding, beyond contradiction and beyond dreams. They can neither be reduced nor explained away by any belief system, including spirituality, religion, logic, objectivity and common-sense.

God? There is a mystery, and that mystery may be absolute, but I cannot even be certain about that. I do know from experience though thatI am often guided in some strange ways that defy logic and the law of hazard. So I assume it's not all creation of myself. Finding out more is an important part of the quest.

What is visible is only part of the work. Just like with the Universe, the largest part resides in mystery. Therefore it is not sufficient to watch, not even to closely observe. To really come in contact with these works, they need to be experienced in a mental state of openness and not-understanding. They have not been created to be understood or explained. Therefore: if you can do without, ignore the titles of the works. They are only meant to capture your attention and are not absolute at all. In fact: most have been changed over time when an, at that time, better one sprang to mind. Look at what you see, if possible with eyes you've not used yet, and tell your own stories to yourselves.

As all inspiration comes from the Source and one of Art's missions is to always stay in touch with the origin - hence that desire for originality - I don't have to spend time worrying about Art History and the urge to add something to it. There is no progress, often mistaken for evolution, in Art. Raphael is not better than Van Eyck, and Michelangelo is not better than the nameless sculptor of the Prajnaparamita from Candi Singasari. There is nothing that has to be achieved with Art, no goal to be reached, except to stay in contact with the Source of Inspiration. Art can be a path towards Aretè, meaning Excellence in all aspects of life. It can show that consciousness is multi-layered, multi-dimensional and that awareness can be directed and focused.
Inspiration is always there and is always available.

And it's up to us to tune into it.