Indeed: there isn't. I don't create my works for a living so my mind is not focused on selling, but in case you want to acquire one of my works and want to know more about availability and price, you can always contact me.

In case you're interested in digital prints, please contact Imanaka-Interiors. They take care of my digital prints, and they do a fine job. My prints are not limited in number, but can, if you wish, be personalised. They can be hand-signed and dedicated. Imanaka-Interiors also handle the selling of my etchings for the UK and the rest of the world outside the EU.

And a book, you ask?

Every artist wants a book, but as I am independent of galleries, art merchants etc, I'd have to edit it myself. And my main goal is to create new works, so that newest work will never be in that book. For as long as I live, it will be incomplete. And that is a big dilemma for me.
But yes, I am seriously interested. All I need are 500 pre-paying subscribers. So if you, dear reader, can take care of that detail, then give me about a year's time and I'll gladly design you the most wonderful book.

Did you mention one of those digital book printing companies where one can command one book at the time? Well, I find them far too expensive for what they deliver and to say it bluntly: printers, galleries, artist's materials shops, framers,... they all live on the back of artists, and are usually much better paid for their additional work than the artists are themselves. Why would I invest my time in the design of a book that some company makes all the profit on?

the dream merchant