2019 08 09 : ARETE AND FOCUS

I have decided to redo all the images in the Traditional Media Galleries, which is a long overdue task. I am reviewing them one by one and make them as high quality as I can. Contrast, lightness, colours, even a larger size ... it's all there now. The new images are really the way they should be. Yes, I know that most monitors aren't calibrated and most visitors will only see the works with the colourcast their monitors show them, but for those whose monitors are calibrated and do show the real contrast and colours, the works will be good. Of course I had to use the resources I have at my disposal, and for a number of works this is very minimal, sometimes not more than a not really sharp 10x15cm photograph from the film days that was developed in commercial bulk situations, but I did what I could.
To avoid having to spend a lot of time on the newer works, I decided to follow chronology and started with the oldest works. The reason is simple: they are less complicated to do. The moment I write this, four Galleries have been done, I to IV. From now on, I mean: from Gallery V, there will be more work involved so I will have to slow down. But I will still try to add new images every day. I don't make plans for what I will do afterwards, but I do know I will stick to my site instead of getting too much input, input I cannot digest, from browsing the Internet. And that is also one of the results of going through all these older works and remembering, sometimes even physically, what state I was in.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to enjoy your days here on planet Earth!