2019 06 04 :

I am removing all the details and the earlier states of the works in traditional media. Not because I want to hide them from sight but because I want the traditional media galleries to give an overview and the pages of the works to be as uncluttered as possible. All the removed images, details, earlier states, texts etc will move in due time to the Captain's Log. As a compensation, the images in these galleries are being enlarged, so as to enhance the viewing pleasure.

2019 05 07 :

I have learned/found a better way to deal with the pre-digital slides I have to use for older works that are not here in my studio anymore. In the first place the resinous oil paintings from the nineteen-ninetees.
The first ones I changed are the Andromeda from 1994 and Persephone from 1997. The difference is simply spectacular. I may upload outdated images to the Captain's Log later on so you can see the difference, but first I want to redo the images of the other paintings. Enjoy!


2019 04 29 :

I have made some changes to the general layout of the site and repaired a number of malfunctioning links. I added a new section, called 'Other Projects' that will allow me to add content I couldn't add before.
I have also replaced a few images in the Traditional Media section with better ones. Just some minor changes, and perhaps barely visible, but they are a bit more faithful to the originals.