The only way to get in touch with me is by e-mail
Please do not change the subject-line so that I know you come from this site.


I do not have a separate place in which I work. In my life, living and the creative are one. This means I do not have a real studio. Also, I tend to protect my privacy because, when the eventual visitor's energies were not harmonious with the energies of my home, it might take weeks before I could start working again.
That is why I don't give my personal data like telephone number or street adress to anyone I don't know enough. It also explains why I cannot agree with studio visits.
On a more mundane level, my home looks more like a perpetual construction site as nothing is ever finished - I don't have the time to do it all - and there's always something to do and/or clean up.

I never answer e-mails asking me to judge someone's artworks, but, if asked for, I gladly give information on my technical procedures to interested artists.

Gallery-owners and show-organisers, know that I am always interested in your projects, but I really have to sense my works fit with your space and personal vibration before I can participate in a show. Also know that I never pay to participate in a commercial show and that I am not interested in competitions, whatever the prizes. I hate losing, but I hate winning even more. Life is not a lottery.

I also must ask you to please be a little patient and give me some time to reply as I tend to wait untill I can really put my mind to it to give you a good reply.
Thank you for your understanding.

Erik in Paris