2020, 13 April: Details added

Six details images and a poetic text by Gülay Özağac have been added to the Loka I page

2020, 8 April: New Works

Two new works have been added: Loka, the final (?) black and white state, and Inner Speleology.

The images of some other works have been replaced by better ones.

2020, 21 March

The final version of Obscurities and the new - in progress - Loka have been added to the Traditional Media Galleries

The Captain's Log's pages are still empty... because I have been fully focused on finishing Loka.

2020, 23 February: Technical Update

I changed the entire organisation of the site so that it is better fitted for the future.

The Captain's Log has been added, but the pages are still empty.

2020, 3 February: New Images

I have found a set of better quality photographs of a number of works and I have replaced their images on the site by better ones. I will not specify here which ones I changed: the differences are visual.

Throughout the Traditional Media Galleries, I have added details images to several pages, especially to the more complex works whose details tend to get a bit lost due to the smaller size of the reproductions. For the moment, I consider these Galleries 'finished'. For a while, I will now concentrate more on the rest of the site and also on its lay-out.

2020, 29 January: New WORK

The newest work OBSCURITIES is finished in black and white.

I am also changing the structure of the site. The In Focus department is about to be replaced and the focus pages' contents have been added to the pages of the works themselves. More changes are coming.

2020, 12January: Latest version of newest work

The newest work The Descent has been finished now in black and white and the In Progress page has also been updated.

I also continue to add detail images to the pages of the works in the Traditional Media Galleries. This continues to be an ongoing process, and I won't add it here each time I did add some. There will also be no logic in which work I will do next.

2019, 29 December: New work

The latest phase of the newest work The Descent has been added to Traditional Media Gallery VII

I also started adding detail to the works in the Traditional Media Galleries. This will be an ongoing process, and I won't add it here each time I did add some. There will also be no logic in which work I will do next.

2019, 27 December: Once again open to visitors

And then it was finished. Not much new was added, but all that was already there has been checked and all (!) images have been redone, including the pictures from the Other Projects section and the photographs. Besides adding new images, there is still a lot to do. You will see that when it has been added and/or changed. But the big advantage is that now I have a solid foundation on which I can continue to work.
Some plans for the near future: I have begun to add details to the individual pages of the works in traditional media. The In Focus idea is not bad, but it makes things too complicated because over-organised. Best is to group eveything on a single page per work. So, in due time the In Focus department will be closed. It will be replaced by the Captain's Log, a kind of blog. The In Progress page - now a part of In Focus - will probably move there too.

So: what is new now, apart from the fact that all images are new?

- I added the newest work - The Descent, stil in progress - to the traditional media gallery VII
- The birth and growth of this work is described on the In Progress page in the In Focus Department
- The first details have been added. I chose the 1981 etching Dreamweavings (Gallery II)
- Backstage a lot is being prepared. Before the end of 2019, more will be added, and probably changed.

2019, 14 December: Not Again!

Whatever I tried, the colours of my images never looked right. This was strange because my monitor was after all recently calibrated!? Then came Photoshop 20, and, to be able to move on and use Sensei, I had to replace my 12 year old computer. When I I found out that my calibrating device was not supported by Windows 10, I decided to cross the Rubicon and get an X-Rite i1 | Display Pro. After calibrating the monitor anew it became clear to me that my previous device was not only outdated but that it had not been created for wide-gamut monitors.
This was a huge gumption trap because it now became clear I had to redo all(!) images on my site and everything I had been preparing. The only way to tackle this kind of problem is to take a deep breath and start working. I waited untill the newest drawing - The Descent - see Gallery VII - was ready in its first state, and then began correcting. It proved to be easier than I believed it would be, taking into account that I stopped believing in self-proclaimed specialists' remedies and found out myself how colour management actually works in Ye olde Photoshoppe. Once this was grasped and the controls were set, I noticed I needed far less adjustment layers than before. Nearly always a simple curve was enough. Except of course for the photographs, which had to be redone from the start.
By the time you will read this, all images will be redone. And I will - finally - be able to move on, and with the site, and with new works.

Oh: I deleted all previous entries and begin, once again, anew. I don't count this site's incarnations anymore...