2019, 24 October: Photo

The Photo project has been coded and opened with 24 photos of hothouses and their surroundings.

2019, 20 October: Traditional Media

Several works have been finished and have been added. More specifically: the pencil works 2010-Asylon, the three 2011-Empreintes works and the two 2016-turbulent voices ones.
2013 Chemin Oublié, 2013-Demeures and 2017-Psychopompos have received their final watercolour layer

2019, 13 October: In Focus

The triptych Malebolge has been added to the In Focus department.

2019, 12 October: Other Projects

The first part of Watchmen of the Wind has been added, with 28 photographs.

2019, 10 October: In Focus

The first two works have been added to the In Focus department: The digital drawing De Natura Luminis and the pen drawing Intergration of the Shadow Gradient.

2019, 9 October: Traditional Media Gallery VII

Island (2018) has received its first watercolour layer.

2019, 9 October: Traditional Media Gallery VII

A new work, Prometheus, has been added to the Traditional Media Galleries in its pen only state. It still needs be watercoloured. Threshold (2019) has received its second colour layer and is finished for now.

2019, 9 October: Site

The Captain's Log has been removed - I don't really have the time to keep a kind of online diary - and a new section, In Focus, has been added. In it, I can add sketches, previous states and details of works, and also add some words that describe the atmosphere that surrounds that specific work.

2019, 8 October: Site

By closing the site, deleting all the files from the server and making it public (on Facebook) that the site would reopen on Saturday, 26th of October - when our Sun conjoints the Shapley Attractor - I literally forced myself in a situation of a/ being forced to make thorough changes, and b/ within a defined period of time. I had to concentrate and work on Castalian Visions.

At this moment, everything is new. The site's layout has been changed, mostly for practical reasons, but also to make things more aesthetically pleasing. Once again, all traditional media images have been renewed, this time not how software algorithms decide they should look but visually. One after one. And some have been redone more than ten times untill it, like Christyl O'Flaherty said 'met my standard of happiness'. The rest of the site has also been adapted, with new sections added etc etc. you can see that for yourselves. Enjoy your stay.