Welcome to CASTALIAN VISIONS, the virtual dwelling-place of Erik Heyninck


2018, 2 December

CastalianVisions is being completely overhauled and reworked. Even its basic structure may be changed: new parts may open, and other parts may merge with still others.
There's a lot of work to do, but I hope to be able to finish most of it by Christmas this year, when both Venus and Mercury retrogrades have been dealt with.
I will do all I can to keep the site open during the transitional period but it can be that I have to close it for a few days during the upload of new pages and images. All images will be reworked.
Also, I cannot guarantee which parts will be open when. I start with the main part: the works created in traditional media: drawings, paintings etchings etc.

Thank you for your understanding and I do hope you will enjoy your stay here.

Sincerely, and as unpredictable as ever,