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three works

2018, July 29th

At this moment, all works in the Traditional Media Galleries got new images. Most are larger and nearly all are much better than before. I removed the pop-up images for details and works-in-progress and gave them all their own pages in a new browsing system. I also removed the copyright lines from the images. First of all, it is quite obvious the works have been created by me, and second, they only hinder the aesthetic viewing pleasure. Read my unorthodox copyright page under the General Info tab if you like to know more.
This does not mean than these Galleries are finished! They never will be, for as long as I can still make better and sharper images. This said: no image will ever be colour-correct. First of all because no monitor is ever able to reproduce the colours I use, which fall outside of the reproducible gamut, and second, because most monitors are not corrected at all. A third reason is that with images which are not home anymore, I had to rely on my memory and artistic interpretation. So some images may still be replaced in the future, although, generally speaking, and for the time being, this is it.
There's still a lot of work ahead, but the Traditional Media Galleries are the main part of the site, and I consider them ok for now.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

sincerely, and as unpredictable as ever,